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Super Bump for Eevee brings the power of material displacement to the Real-time engine!

Tightly packed alpha-clipped layers add real depth to reinforce Normal and Bump map effects without the need for the super-dense geometry associated with displacement, and real shadows created by the engine's lighting system complete the effect.
The Super Bump Manager sets it all up for you with a single click!

Super Bump can give you the same results you'd get from Cycles material displacement or a Displace Modifier but with a hundred vertices instead of tens of thousands.

Super Bump 2 can be exported from Blender and used in other software such as 3D and game engines. The blender nodes come bundled with equivalents for Unreal and Unity as well as template materials for both engines.

Exporting to other platforms:

Installation Instructions

To install the addon:

  1. In Blender, click on Edit, then Preferences.
  2. Click on Addons, then Install.
  3. Browse to your downloaded Super Bump file, select it, and click Install.
  4. Enable the addon.
  5. The Super Bump Manager will appear in the N+N tab of the Properties panel in the 3D View and Shader Editor windows.

To append the nodes:

  1. In the Manager panel, click on Update Super Bump.
  2. Browse to your downloaded .blend file, select it, and then click Update Super Bump.

The next time you open Blender or start a new .blend file, the Manager will remember the location of your downloaded .blend file and display a button to Import the nodes directly without the need to browse to the file again.

Usage Instructions

To create Super Bump materials:

  1. Select your object and then click on Add Super Bump in the Manager panel.
  2. Blender will open a file browser. Select the textures you would like to use and click Load Image Textures.
  3. The Manager will add the Super Bump layers to your object and automatically build a complete material using your selected textures.

Your Super Bump object is ready to go!

Please note:

  • Super Bump is not for use with Cycles as results will be unsatisfactory and render times will be very long.
  • For best results, enable Contact Shadows for lights in the scene.

The download includes several sets of PBR textures generously provided by

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Last updated Oct 3, 2023

In your download you'll get a .blend file containing the shader nodes and the Super Bump Manager addon which creates and manages the layers and adds the nodes to your material and sets it up automatically.

One-Click material creation
Streamlines your material creation making it quick and simple to build mind-blowing materials which make your scenes shine!
Super lightweight
You can fill your scene with seemingly complex displaced objects while viewport performance stays smooth and render times stay low.
No Geometry Nodes
Super Bump will work in all versions of Blender from 2.83 onward.
Eevee only!
Super Bump is not suitable for use with the Cycles render engine.
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13 ratings
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